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Since 1990 , Indian brand Zigma has captivated the most demanding consumers with high - quality products that guarantee perfect results.

Zigma Offers a wide range of products that combine  unrivalled technological performance, refined design, and a high level of user-friendliness

Our Mission is to ensure the day-to-day well being of its users, Thanks to intelligent solutions for Fans,Room Heaters,Irons,Geysers & Immersion Rods. Ever the pioneer, Zigma has worked for more than 10 years on Developing eco-intelligent products. Faithful to its own values, Zigma brand has placed eco-design n top notch engineering at the forefront of its innovation process.



Zigma first specialised in Fresh Air Fan Industry.
From this position we were early to recognise the opportunity for Wall Fans & its specific application to other categories of fans , kits etc. 


Zigma is committed to providing customers withproducts of quality and reliability with continued efforts to innovate and improve on their existing products to suit the goal of attaining leadership in the market.


Quality has always been the driving force for the company

The company strongly stands for values like reliability, quality , ethics , honesty and integrity.

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